USS Nimitz
David Fravor
PBS Carrier

Incidentally, Commander David Fravor was also featured in the PBS 10-hour documentary series “Carrier” (very good show, by the way).

  • David Fravor
  • Commanding Officer of the Black Aces
  • FA-18F Navy fighter squadron
  • 3600 hrs / Top Gun graduate.
  • Event happened in 2004.  Off the coast of San Diego.  Nimitz Strike Group.
  • USS Princeton was detected multiple AAV (Anomalous Aerial Vehicles).
    • Tracked multiple targets from 80,000 ft. to 50 ft. above the water in SECONDS.
  • Dubbed Tic-Tac.
  • There were 4 F-18s.
  • They observed it for over 5 minutes.
  • UFO tried to jam RADAR (different video… that’s the one with the FLIR video).  The UFO jammed the RADAR as soon as they got an initial RADAR lock.  (hostile action)
  • Got within 1/2 mile of UFO.
  • IR (infrared)
  • EO (Electro-optical)
  • There was something under the water.
  • UFO re-appeared at CAP (Combat Air Patrol point).
  • George Knap made the most accurate brief on the topic.
  • Physicist Eric Davis working for AWSAP and BASS said there were hundreds of tic-tac incidents like this on east and west coast.
    • AWSAP:  “So, they set up a program that, initially, was AWSAP. It was separate from AATIP, the program that Lue Elizondo was involved with. He wasn’t involved with actually for another year, but AATIP was the study, the occasional encounters that military personnel had with UFOs; that was an informal organization that existed within The Pentagon, different departments and different divisions of the military. And they would exchange information, videos would come in, they do analysis, and create files, and try to figure the stuff out. AWSAP was created to be something else entirely. It was to look at a broader range of paranormal activity. ” – source:  http://www.openminds.tv/george-knapp-hunt-for-the-skinwalker-interview-transcript/42039
  • Fravor said a friend had a drone taken underwater by a USO.



Tic-Tac on YouTube

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 David Fravor