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Extracting/Transcoding/Adding Video Streams Using FFmpeg

Extracting/Transcoding/Adding Video Streams Using FFmpeg  OmarOctober 23, 2016Articles In this article, we extract audio from a video, transcode it and add it to another video.   This article is a part of the Using FFmpeg series. Contents Extracting a Stream from a Video. Transcoding a Stream into Another Format. Adding a Stream to a Video. Lets […]

The Robert Lazar Timeline

The Lazar Timeline  

Journal of UFO Pentagon Studies

Area 51 Mountain Hangars

SecureTeam10 came up with a winner that proves something Bob Lazar said back in the late 1980’s — namely, that the U.S. Government is holding 9 “alien” spacecraft in hangars at a facility known as S-4, which is near Area 51 but not in Area 51.   SecureTeam10 identified what appears to be the construction of […]

Earthfiles – YouTube

Earthfiles – YouTube

OpenMindsTV – YouTube

secureteam10 – YouTube

THIS Could Be Big… – YouTube



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