Bob Lazar

Bob Lazar

The single most significant guy in UFO history.  A scientist who became a whistleblower because the military security apparatus intimidated him into making a public disclosure to protect himself from perceived danger.  He claims to have seen 9 space ships at a remote desert installation, south of Area 51, called S-4.  He was actually inside one of them as a scientist tasked to figure out how they worked; to reverse engineer them.  He understands the physics and speaks in the language of physics — this alone cannot be dismissed.  There are lots of interviews of Bob Lazar and each one reveals some little detail that was previously unknown because Lazar is a typical science-type… disorganized in the way he presents himself, albeit he is actually a good speaker.  There are dozens of consequential details such as “Element 115”.  An element that was not known to mankind in the 1980s when he whistleblew citing it as the UFO’s power source.  There are historical videos on this alone from the 1980s.  In 2003, Element 115 was officially added to the periodic table of elements.


The 9 UFOs are located at S-4 (not Area 51).


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